U.S. Forest Service and Interagency Aviation Publications

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Tue, 12/17/2019 - 16:04
Firefighter rappelers

Forest Service and interagency publications are the primary vehicles by which Forest Service and Interagency policy and standards are transmitted. Publications include manuals, handbooks, standards, guides, plans, and other documents.

Publications are distributed through hard copy print, web pages, mobile device applications, and other digital media. Web portals include key information that is updated on a continuous schedule.


Aviation Safety Management System Alerts

Safety Alerts

Forest Service Manuals, Guides, Handbooks and Plans (in alphabetical order)

Aerial Supervision Logbook

Aerial Supervision Standards

Airtanker Operations Standards

Amphibious Water Scooper Aircraft Operations Plan

Administrative Use of Aircraft Desk Reference

Aircraft Inspector Guide

Airworthiness Assurance Guide for Aerial Firefighting & Natural Resources Aircraft

Aviation Management Handbook

Aviation Management Manual

Aviation Strategic Plan: 2014-2018

C-23B+/SD3-60 Aircraft Change Management Implementation Plan 

Change Management Guide

Emergency Medical Short-Haul Operations Plan

Fire Imaging and Mapping Guide (coming soon)

Forest Service Standards for Airtanker Operations 2020

Forest Service Standards for UAS Operations

National Aviation Safety and Management Plan

National Aviation Safety Management System Guide

National Night Air Operations Plan

National Rappel Operations Guide  (2019 Approval Letter)

National Type I and Type II Exclusive Use Helicopter Operations Plan

2019 MAFFS Operating Plan 

RAM-Air Parachute System Operations Plan  

SD3-60 Sherpa Aircraft Operations Plan

Working Capital Fund Aircraft Users Guide

Interagency Directories, Guides and Standards (in alphabetical order)

Guide to Preventing Aquatic Invasive Species Transport by Wildland Fire Operations 

Aircraft Dispatch Form

Airtanker Base Directory

Aviation Mishap Response Guide and Checklist

Aviation Technical Assistance Directory

Aviation Training Guide

Emergency Helicopter Extraction Source List

Interagency Airplane Pilot Practical Test Standards 2012 (Revision 2.0)

Interagency Helicopter Pilot Practical Test Standards 2015

Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) Operating Plan

National Aviation Safety Management System (NASMS) Guide

National Interagency Mobilization Guide

NWCG Standards for Aerial Ignition

NWCG Standards for Aerial Supervision

NWCG Standards for Airspace Coordination

NWCG Standards for Airtanker Base Operations

NWCG Standards for Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials

NWCG Standards for Helicopter Operations

Smokejumper Operations Guide

Smokejumper Pilot Operations Guide

Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations (Red Book)


Interagency Aviation Technical Bulletins

Basic Weather Information on Manifests and Use of Belt Weather Kits  (IATB 2015-02)
Clarification of the HOGE Power Check requirement (IATB 17-01)


Forest Service and Interagency Forms  

OAS-64A Interagency Airplane Pilot Evaluation Application Form

OAS-64B Interagency Helicopter Pilot Evaluation Application Form

5700-20 Airplane Pilot Qualifications and Approval Record

5700-20a Helicopter Pilot Evaluation Application 

Cost Comparison Travel Worksheet (FS 5700-11)

Day Trip Authorization (FS 5700-12)

Flight Request Justification Approval Administrative Use Aircraft Form  (AUA-1) 

National and Regional Report of Annual Administrative Flight Use  (AUA-2)

Forest Service Aviation Annual Reports