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10-Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge

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A Call to Action!

The 10-Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge is a call to action to increase our collective capacity to care for trails and increase on-the-ground results.

Trails need our help, so let’s go!

Working Together to Achieve a Sustainable Trail System

With 159,000 miles of trails, the USDA Forest Service manages the nation’s largest system of trails, including thousands of miles of National Scenic, Historic, and Recreation trails. These trails depend on the support and dedication of Forest Service employees, volunteers, partners, and communities nationwide.

The Forest Service’s National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System (released in 2017) calls for the agency to “Implement a 10-Year Trail Challenge” in collaboration with partners.

Together we are moving in the right direction toward shared stewardship of trails, and together we can go farther.

Who Participates?

Everyone. The Trail Challenge emphasizes working together at local  and broader scales—learning from each other and adapting to different needs and opportunities. For example, Forest Service regions, forests, and grasslands work together with traditional volunteers and partners as well as diverse stakeholders, such as local chambers of commerce, businesses, schools, universities, and the outdoor recreation industry. Contact your local national forest and grassland unit to get started.


Achieving a sustainable trail system requires a multi-year effort that is responsive to local needs and opportunities. The trails community must also have the support and flexibility to take action when and where it makes the most sense. Together, the Trails Community is implementing Phase 1: Launch & Learn.


The Trail Challenge toolbox contains helpful resources such as templates, “how-do” documents, and communication material that support implementation of the Trail Challenge.


Check back for updates, as this page will be updated to include additional reference materials including the Trail Challenge Guidebook and Element Selection Menu.

Key Elements and Concepts

Click the thumbnail images below to see larger versions of the graphics and tables from the Trail Challenge documents.

For More Information

If you have questions or comments, please contact FS-Trail Management at