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The future of fire is female

A crew of firefighters hike out after completing a prescribed burn during training.
The Women in Wildland Fire Crew led in line by Ashlynn Buschschulte, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, 2023. (USDA Forest Service photo by Julianne Nikirk)  Last summer, when a wildfire started near her hometown, McClane Moody saw groups of scruffy men running around in dirty yellow…
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Affording the fight – finances frequent foe for firefighters

Wildland firefighters silhouetted by the 2017 Thomas Fire raging in the background.
Firefighters serve long hours in arduous conditions as illustrated in this picture from the Thomas Fire in Ventura, California on the Los Padres National Forest in 2017 (Forest Service photo by Kari Greer). Emergency responders are an interesting lot. As a culture we recognize and value those…
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A Look Back at 2021

A picture showing a hiker walking down a trail with flowers on each side, mountains in the background and forested areas on each side.
Since the USDA Forest Service launched its Internet presence over 25 years ago nearly a thousand feature stories have been written and posted, highlighting the important work we do with our partners across the country. These articles highlight just some of the notable stories over the last year, the breadth of the work we do, and the contribution it makes to forest health, communities, and the…
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