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Going Outdoors While Social Distancing

Chris French, Deputy Chief of the National Forest System enjoys a solo hike in ‘America’s Backyard.’
Chris French, Deputy Chief of the National Forest System enjoys a solo hike in ‘America’s Backyard.’ Photo/Chris French The idiom ‘be careful what you wish for’ is likely coming to roost for those of us who love to show off 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands. We are learning that in a time when space is needed, you are finding solace and…
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Fire and bud sprouts: New study looks at how fire affects plants on our national grasslands

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Life on our national grasslands, some of the most distinct and treasured ecosystems in the world, depends on regrowth from buds, rather than seeds. Those endless expanses of grass exist because of plant buds, and at this time of year grasses have finished forming buds beneath the earth’s surface, where they will overwinter until spring. They will be needed. The buds will provide a necessary…
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Go Where the Wild Colors Are

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Fall is here, and unlike other seasons of the year, fall never comes in like a lion or a mouse; it just radiates with the beauty of the landscape as it changes to colors of brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges. A lot of folks aren’t aware that an amazing change of colors also happens in our national grasslands. To compare the two natural wonders of autumn, trees versus grass, would be as…
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Your Next Trip to the Great Outdoors Helps the Economy

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When a family packs up their car for a trip out to their national forests and grasslands, they create more than just memories. They create jobs. Nearly three-quarters of Americans live within 100 miles of a national forest or grassland. Every year national forests and grasslands receive nearly 150 million visits, most of which, about 85 percent, are for recreational purposes. So how does…
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Forest Service Every Kid in a Park Program Offers Field Trip Idea, Educational Resources – and a Free Holiday Tree Permit

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For the second year, the U.S. Forest Service is part of the administration’s Every Kid in a Park program, an initiative to provide American fourth graders with a free pass to more than 2,000 federal land and water sites for them, their siblings and up to three adults. The pass includes access to 153 national forests, 20 grasslands and one tall grass prairie managed for the public…
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#ForestInFocus – Instagram and Yonder photo challenge

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Here’s your chance to help us focus in on your favorite natural wonders. We are asking you to send us those amazing photos that you have taken in America’s backyard, your national forests and grasslands.  These are the things that make outdoor adventures memorable, and the Forest Service wants to share in those memories. Share your adventures with us using the hashtag #…
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