Operation Care and Recovery

The year 2020 will be etched in our memories for the sheer amount of volatility in all areas of our lives. The nation has experienced devastating wildfires and hurricanes throughout the year, all amidst the global coronavirus pandemic.

Forest Service employees have suffered losses, including some while fighting fires. Some lost homes and all they owned; some lost offices and work centers, and—worse by far—lost neighbors, friends, and family.

Our job now is to care—to care for our own, for the people we serve, and for the lands we manage. As a caring and responsive organization committed to core values of service and interdependence, the Forest Service is launching Operation Care and Recovery: a corporate approach to supporting our employees, the Regions, Stations, Job Corp Centers, and communities in desperate need of recovery from the 2020 fires.

Our intent is to create an efficient, centralized “one-stop shop” where our employees can go for assistance and find the care and recovery support they need. We will focus on five areas:

  • Helping our employees recover
  • Helping our administrative units recover
  • Helping the communities we serve to recover
  • Coping with short-term natural resource impacts
  • Meeting needs for long-term recovery


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