Trail Maintenance Priority Areas

The Forest Service is working to increase the role of partners and volunteers in trail maintenance on Forest Service managed trails. The Forest Service has identified 15 priority areas for increased trail maintenance. Many of these areas have had issues with reduced access, damage to natural resources, and public safety concerns.

These priority trail maintenance areas are a requirement of the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act of 2016. As part of the Act, the public was invited to nominate trail maintenance areas through their local Forest Service office. From these nominations the Secretary of Agriculture selected 15 priority areas. The individuals and groups that nominated these priority areas continue to work with the Forest Service to support and help with the needed maintenance.

Trail maintenance priority area map


Priority Areas

Please check back for additional information and updates on each priority area.

  1. Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex & Adjacent Lands
  2. Methow Valley Ranger District
  3. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area/Eagle Cap Wilderness
  4. Central Idaho Complex
  5. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
  6. Wyoming “Forest Gateway Communities”
  7. Northern California Wilderness Areas: Marble Mountain & Trinity Alps
  8. Angeles National Forest
  9. Greater Prescott Trail System
  10. Sedona Red Rock Ranger District Trail System
  11. Colorado Fourteeners
  12. Superior National Forest Trails
  13. White Mountain National Forest Partner Complex: “200 Years of Community Trail Stewardship”
  14. Southern Appalachians Capacity Enhancement Model
  15. Iditarod National Historic Trail “Southern Trek”