Angeles National Forest

Trail Maintenance Priority Area #8





  • Angeles National Forest, California
  • San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (Sub Unit), California

A picture showing a trail on the Angeles National Forest and sign in front of the sign.

People who call the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area home live within 90 minutes of the Angeles National Forest priority area—the largest undeveloped area in Los Angeles County. The forest receives more than 3 million visitors annually, including youth from many disadvantaged communities without access to local parks and open spaces. Improving the 970 miles of trails in this priority area will improve public access and particularly benefit the diverse and underserved population of Los Angeles County—the most populous county in the United States.

Hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, motorcycle and off highway vehicle trails in this area provide visitors with premier recreation opportunities, including to the San Gabriel National Monument. Individual and community participation in trail maintenance is very high and the forest is poised to further grow participation with the launch of the Angeles National Forest Priority Area.

Download a map of the trail maintenance priority area (PDF)

Examples of Trail Maintenance Needs

  • Repair and replace drainage structures
  • Improve and update trail data, including condition, location, and physical attributes
  • Complete trail reconstruction and reroutes
  • Address many user-created routes (social trails)

Our Partners

A picture of a mountain area on the Angeles National Forest.

Partners supporting this priority area include:

  • San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative, which includes representatives from more than 50 organizations and private entities

Learn More & Get involved!

To know more about trail maintenance efforts in this priority area, contact:

Justin Seastrand, Forest Recreation Manager
Phone: (626) 574-5278