Southern Appalachians Capacity Enhancement Model

Trail Maintenance Priority Area #14





  • 6 National Forests! See the complete list below.

A wood bridge over a river.

Trails in the Southern Appalachian provide enjoyment and recreation opportunities to residents and visitors and support the local tourist economy. The forests collaborating in the trail maintenance priority area share boundaries, partners, and jointly find solutions to address a system of legacy trails that exist in an area of high use and high rainfall and erodible soils.

One of the primary goals of this priority area is to sustain trails through improvements in volunteer and service program management delivery. By developing transformational partnerships like those with the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the forest service is leveraging citizen interest in public lands. Together with partners, the forests are turning public land interest and excitement into increased trail maintenance capacity and providing quality trails experiences for all.

Download a map of the trail maintenance priority area (PDF)

Trail Maintenance Needs

  • Remove hazard trees and logs over the trail
  • Remove overgrown brush
  • Repair and replace drainage structures
  • Conduct general trail maintenance
  • Complete trail reconstruction and reroutes
  • Redesign and reprint trail maps
  • Restore and replace interpretive signing
  • Address many user-created routes (social trails)

Our Partners

A river surrounded by fall foliage; trees covered with orange, yellow and brown colored leaves.

Partners supporting this priority area include: 

  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Back Country Horsemen of America (several chapters)
  • Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards
  • Southern Off Road Bicycle Association
  • National Forest Foundation

National Forests Involved

  • Alabama
    • Bankhead
  • Georgia
    • Chattahoochee
  • Tennessee
    • Cherokee
  • North Carolina
    • Nantahala
    • Pisgah
  • Virginia
    • George Washington and Jefferson

Learn More & Get involved!

To know more about trail maintenance efforts in this priority area, contact:

Debbie Caffin, Regional Trail Leader
Phone: (404) 347-4033