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Building with Wood

Tall Wood Buildings Map

A global map with different points that reads interactive map of tall wood buildings worldwide

In the News

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10/20/16 – Chicago Magazine, In a City of Steel Giants, Can SOM Build a Wood Skyscraper?

10/14/16 – New Atlas, Proposed timber tower shoots high into Chicago's sky

10/13/16 – Architectural Record, Exhibition Review: Timber City at the National Building Museum

10/4/16 – WoodWorking Network, Tall wood building trend sparks new market; D.R. Johnson ready to serve

10/1/16 – Seattle Magazine, Are High-Rise Wood Buildings in Seattle's Future?

9/22/16 – Smithsonian Magazine, Is Timber the Future of Urban Construction?

9/22/16 – Science Magazine, Would you live in a wooden skyscraper?

9/19/16 – CNN, Stronger than concrete? Why this new material could define our age

9/18/16 – Oregon Public Broadcasting, Will Our Future High-Rises Be Made Of Wood?

9/12/16 – Forbes, Tree Houses: Is Wood Really The Future Of Skyscrapers?

9/10/16 – The Economist, Top of the tree: The case for wooden skyscrapers is not barking

8/18/16 – Woodworking Network, SmartLam cross laminated timber receives ANSI/APA certification

6/22/16 – Construction Dive, Branching out: Why cross-laminated timber is making advances in the US

6/20/16 – Smithsonian, Will Skyscrapers of the Future Be Built From Wood?

6/09/16 – The New York Times, Looking at Timber and Seeing the Future of Home and Business

6/08/16 – Industry Leaders Magazine, Is Wood The New Concrete Of The 21st Century?

5/31/16 – The Architect's Newspaper, Leers Weinzapfel Associates designs timber multidisciplinary design building for UMass Amherst

5/22/16 – CBS News, Living the High Life (6 minute news clip and written article)

5/16/16 – Bloomberg Technology, The Race for the Wood Skyscraper Starts Here

5/10/16 – NPR, New Technology Could Revive Pacific Northwest's Ailing Timber Industry

4/26/16 – Popular Science, Wood-and-Glue Skyscrapers Are on the Rise

3/21/16 – TriplePundit, The Hidden Carbon Benefits of Cross Laminated Timber

2/20/16 – Newsweek, Wooden Buildings Strong as Steel



Upcoming Mass Timber Conference (March 28–30, 2017, Portland, OR)An image for a conference International Mass Timber Conference


Recent FS Research

An Overview of CLT Research and Implementation in North America

An image for the cover of Overview of CLT Research Implementation in North America

Mass Timber Research Needs compiled from the Mass Timber Research Workshop in November 2015

An graphic that reads Mass Timber Research Workshop 2015, USDA Forest Products laboratory, Madison Wisconsin November 3 to 4 2015


Information Sheets

Cross-laminated Timber & Green Building

Cross laminated sheet cover

Teaching Design Professional about Wood in Building

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