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Terrific Trilliums

Forty-three species of trillium are known worldwide with a startling thirty-eight represented in North America. Within the United States, the bulk of Trillium diversity is found in the eastern states where Terrific Trilliums are among the favorites on many a spring wildflower walk. Their blooms can be either showy or obscure, a dazzling display of color on a hillside, or a chance surprise hidden under a leaf.

“Native to North America and Asia, trilliums hold a special place in the hearts of naturalists, botanists, horticulturalists, and outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen worldwide. Interest in these plants is manifested in their native lands by the numbers of individuals who seek them in the wild or grow them. In Europe, where trilliums are not native, enthusiasm for this fascinating genus is so great that rare species and forms sell for fantastic prices. There have even been cases of extensive theft of trilliums from the great European botanical gardens.”

~ From “Trilliums” by Frederick W. Case and Roberta B. Case

Trillium simile

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Trillium texanum

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Trillium catesbaei


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Trillium ovatum var. oettingeri

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