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Tall Forb Community of the Intermountain West

Bee Pastures in the Sky

The highlands of the interior West include Wyoming's lofty mountain ranges and Utah's high plateau country. Mountain brush communities, stands of aspens, forests of Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir, subalpine parks and tablelands, and a wildflower-filled panorama welcomes you, the “tall forb community”.

“Other experiences seemed but to have prepared me for this, as souls are prepared for heaven. To describe the colors on a single mountain would, if it were possible at all, require many a volume — purples, and yellows, and delicious pearly grays divinely toned and interblended…”

~ John Muir, Steep Trails 1918

Wildflowers at Grayback Ridge.

What is the Tall Forb Community?

The land and plants that comprise the community

Sheep grazing in the Wasatch-Cache mountains.

Paradise Lost

The impacts of settlement

Great Basin Experiment Station entryway sign.

Beginnings of Rangeland Science

A birthplace of modern rangeland science

Wildflowers at Tony Grove Meadow.

Paradise Reclaimed

Conservation and where to see and experience the Tall Forb Community

Madia glomerata, tarweed.

Photo Gallery

Enjoy some of the wildflowers of the tall forb communities

A woman walking among flowers in Wyoming..

More Information

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