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Little Shasta Meadow Botanical Special Interest Area map. Little Shasta Meadow Botanical Special Interest Area map.

Wet meadow. Burnt Camp: wet meadow habitat.

Elephant heads (Pedicularis groenlandica). Elephant heads (Pedicularis groenlandica), Wet Meadows, Burnt Camp.

Little Shasta Meadow Botanical Special Interest Area

Forest: Klamath National Forest

Description: The Little Shasta Meadow Botanical Special Interest Area (BSIA) is 390 acres and is an example of both dry and wet high elevation meadows. There is easy access to a dry meadow portion of the BSIA occurs along Forest Service road 46N09 approximately 1.6 miles northeast of the Martins Dairy Campground. This location includes an interpretive sign with a description of the botanical area. Wet meadow portions of the BSIA can viewed from Burnt Camp which is located approximately 0.2 mile off the main paved road on Forest Service Road 46N06. Burnt Camp borders a large meadow area with Shovel Creek flowing along the south west edge.

Viewing Information: This area supports exceptional plant diversity including many conifer species, several stands of quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides). Both the wet and dry meadow areas are full of native wildflowers that are at the height of bloom in mid-July.

Safety First: Wear sturdy shoes and proper clothing for outdoor conditions. Carry sunscreen and plenty of water.

Directions: From Interstate 5, take the South Yreka/Highway 3 exit, turn east onto Moonlit Oaks Avenue and north onto Fair lane Road, follow Fair lane Road to the intersection with Oberlin Road. Turn east on Oberlin Road and follow for approximately 5.2 miles to the intersection with Montague Grenada Road. Turn north on Montague Grenada Road and proceed to the town of Montague. In Montague turn east on E Webb Street, drive on E Webb to the intersection with Airport Road. Turn east onto Airport Road and follow to the intersection with Willow Creek Road. Turn north onto Willow Creek road and follow to the Little Shasta Meadows BSIA.

Closest Town with Services: Montague, California

Ownership: Klamath National Forest