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Intermountain Region Viewing Area


Viewing area location map. Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness trail map (PDF, 1.9 MB).

Mt. Timpanogos in the spring. Mt. Timpanogos in the spring. Photo by Frank Jensen.

Wildflower covered hillside of Mt. Timpanogos displaying red paintbrush, white bistort, and blue lupine and bluebells. Wildflower covered hillside of Mt. Timpanogos displaying red paintbrush, white Leafy Jacob’s ladder, and blue lupine and bluebells. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Columbine. Columbine. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Penstemon. Penstemon. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Emerald Lake basin flowers. Emerald Lake basin flowers. Photo by R. Brissette.

Wildflowers (lupine) and Rocky Mountain goat. Wildflowers (lupine) and Rocky Mountain goat. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Waterfall on Mt. Timpanogos. Waterfall on Mt. Timpanogos. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Elephanthead lousewort. Elephanthead lousewort. Photo by Jana Leinbach.

Mount Timpanogos Trails

Forest: Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

District: Pleasant Grove Ranger District

Description: Mount Timpanogos is located in the Wasatch Mountain Range within the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area which is located between American Fork Canyon on the north and Provo Canyon on the south. There are approximately 17.4 miles of maintained trails accessible from the Aspen Grove and Timpooneke trailheads, (see map):

  • Trail #052 “Aspen Grove to Emerald Lake” is approximately 6.9 miles in length.
  • Trail #053 “Timpooneke to Emerald Lake” is approximately 7.5 miles in length.

The stretch of trail between Aspen Grove and Timpooneke trailheads is approximately 14.5 miles long and passes through the heart of the area. Both trails #052 and #053 connect to trail #054 for continuing the hike up to the Mount Timpanogos 11,750 foot (3,582 m) summit where visitors will be greeted by an expansive and beautiful view of Utah Valley and Utah Lake. During the summer months of July-August, this amazing area becomes a magnet for visitors drawn to its outstanding wildflower displays. Viewing Information: Mount Timpanogos offers views year round of spectacularly rugged terrain with outstanding glacial cirques, (the round, circular shaped valleys below the peaks) and moraines (masses of rocks, gravel, and sand deposited by glaciers). During the peak wildflower season which is late July and early August, this popular destination is a beautiful place to hike as a multitude of mountain wildflowers burst into colorful full bloom.

The Aspen Grove trailhead is located at an elevation of 6,910 feet (2,106 meters) and the Timpooneke trailhead at an elevation of 7,370 feet (2,185 meters). These two main trails climb through montane forest, subalpine and alpine zones embellished with waterfalls, rocky slopes, and a plentiful sprinkling of wildflowers along the way.

Emerald Lake is located at 10,380 feet (3,164 meters), and some of the most incredible wildflower displays in Utah occur in the surrounding high-elevation meadows and hillsides. There is also an excellent chance of spotting Rocky Mountain goats in the Emerald Lake area.

This delightful environment with breathtaking views and its profusion of wildflower color waits all who venture up these mountain trails. Visitors will see gorgeous blue lupines, penstemons, bluebells, and forget-me-nots; yellow alpine buttercups, daisies, owl’s clovers, and monkey flowers; red paintbrush and skyrockets; and white columbines, bistorts, Jacob’s ladder, and yarrow, as well as many other native flowers including the unique Elephanthead lousewort.

Safety Tips: Sturdy well-fitting hiking boots are recommended. Check the weather forecast to be aware of and prepared for changes in the weather conditions which can occur at these higher elevations, (a jacket could be needed). There may be some stinging nettle plants near wet areas – learn what they look like so you can avoid touching them. Insect repellent can help keep biting insects away. Remember that the Timpanogos Glacier is one of the major sources of injury or death to hikers on Timpanogos, particularly when some attempt to “glissade” (or slide rapidly) down it to save time descending.

General Information: Due to high use on Saturdays and Holidays from July through mid-September parking may not be available at either of the trailheads. To avoid the congestion it is suggested to plan your hike Sunday-Friday during this time frame.

The following wilderness regulations are in effect for this area.

  • Maximum group size of 15, (we recommend 8 or less).
  • Building, attending or using fire/campfires is prohibited year round.
  • To lessen erosion, shortcutting of trail switchbacks is prohibited.
  • Using stock on the Mount Timpanogos Trail #052 is prohibited.

Please use “Leave No Trace” techniques when visiting the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness to ensure protection of this unique area:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare;
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces;
  • Dispose of Waste Properly;
  • Leave What You Find;
  • Respect Wildlife; and
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

For more specific information contact:

Pleasant Grove Ranger District 390 North 100 East Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Phone: (801) 785-3563


  • From the North or South to Timpooneke Trailhead: Take I-15 north or southbound and take the Alpine/Cedar Hills/Highland exit, (#287) and turn onto SR92 going east. Continue east to American Fork Canyon. The trailhead is located in the Timpooneke Campground approximately 7 miles up the canyon. The trail begins at the south side of the large parking lot next to the horse transfer area. Closest Towns: Alpine, Cedar Hills and Highland, Utah.
  • From the North or the South to Aspen Grove Trailhead: Take I-15 north or southbound and take the Exit #272 and head east on UT-52 (800 North) toward US 189, (Provo Canyon Road). Go approximately 7 miles up the canyon and then turn left onto UT-92, (Alpine Scenic Hwy). Continue approximately 4 miles to Aspen Grove Family Camp and Conference Center. Just past the camp is the trailhead parking lot to the south. Closest Town: Orem, Utah.

Ownership and Management: USDA Forest Service, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Pleasant Grove Ranger District.