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Learning on the fireline: Fire Tigers of Clemson

A picture showing several students standing in a half-circle so that they can listen to their mentor.
(Adapted from CompassLive) Mentorship is a major part of the program – every student has the opportunity to spend time with experienced fire managers. USDA Forest Service photo by Helen Mohr.The only way to understand the nuances of working a fireline is by being on one. The six-year-old Fire Tigers Program recently took more than 50 Clemson University…
fire, students, forestry, research

Planting new hope in the Umpqua River basin

A picture of a small tree seedling.
A sugar pine seedling grows within the Archie Creek Fire scar. Seedlings are planted in the early spring so they are not damaged by hot and dry summer weather. Forest Service photo by Adrienne BarcasEditor’s note: The USDA Forest Service recently announced a 10-year strategy to confront the wildfire crisis and improve forest resilience. Wildfires create…
restoration, fire, wildfire, forestry, forest health, forest management, vegetation, partnerships, contracts, umpqua

Common Interests Potential Solution to Deferred Maintenance

A picture of a developed campground site with several recreational vehicles seen parked at campsites.
Campgrounds and recreation facilities on the Inyo National Forest need improvement due to aging and undermaintained infrastructure. The National Forest has 93 campgrounds in need of various levels of repair. (USDA Forest Service photo) Editor’s Note: This blog is the second of a series exploring the role of innovation finance in forest management. One…
Innovation Finance, budget, forestry, camping, outdoors, recreation, deferred maintenance

Relax – We have last-minute stocking stuffers, gift ideas

A 1933 Forest Service Bulletin front page that has Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and everyone on it.
This America the Beautiful annual pass is good for one full year from the date of purchase, and can be that special gift that keeps giving. Although room under the Christmas tree has become crowded and the stockings increasingly stuffed, there's one gift that might be the largest in the world, but which still might fit – the great outdoors. We have a…
conservation education, gift-gifting, forestry, kids, recreation

Going Outdoors While Social Distancing

Chris French, Deputy Chief of the National Forest System enjoys a solo hike in ‘America’s Backyard.’
Chris French, Deputy Chief of the National Forest System enjoys a solo hike in ‘America’s Backyard.’ Photo/Chris French The idiom ‘be careful what you wish for’ is likely coming to roost for those of us who love to show off 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands. We are learning that in a time when space is needed, you are finding…
recreation, National Forest System, forestry, COVID-19, grasslands

New tool tests management strategies for ecosystem resilience

Prescribed fire in Ponderosa Pine Forests in the Jemez Mountains of Northern New Mexico. United States
Participants listen to a presentation on fire simulation models at a kick-off workshop hosted by Northern Arizona, the Forest Service, and other partners to identify critical climate-fire interactions in Albuquerque, NM. Northern Arizona University Photo/Corrine Dolan The USDA Forest Service has developed a new risk-assessment tool that helps…
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