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Science shows that demographics and funding impact wildfire resilience

Valley area that has fire mitigation measures
America’s forests are in a state of fire emergency. Nearly 25% of the contiguous U.S. is at risk of severe wildfire, with Western landscapes bearing the brunt. The areas at greatest risk are those where forests and communities meet, often referred to as the wildland urban interface. These beautiful locales are where more and more people choose to call home…
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Monitoring the giants: Tracking resilience of giant sequoias after wildfires

Collage of pictures about the different tools that the natural resource specialists use in the field
The tag designates a witness tree, which serves as a survey tool. Using three witness trees to triangulate the center of the plot makes it easier for future crews to find the site for monitoring work. (USDA Forest Service photo by Jamie Hinrichs)Editor’s Note: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service is initiating emergency fuels reduction…
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Gone fishing? Biologists share how anglers can support healthy native fish populations

Eurasian milfoil hybrid view from both underwater and above surface
Bonneville cutthroat trout are an important native species in western Wyoming where Forest Service land managers and partners are at work restoring habitat and monitoring for invasive species. (USDA Forest Service photo)Late spring heralds the start of open water fishing season. In much of the country, even the most stubborn winter ice has long since…
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Science says thinned forests are healthy forests

An aerial photo of a forested area.
Overgrown forests are one of the key contributing factors to the current wildfire crisis in the West. The new Forest Service strategy on Confronting the Wildfire Crisis outlines the agency’s plan for increasing fuels and forest health treatments to create healthier forests and reduce the risk to communities. Overgrown forests like the that on the left…
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A Look Back at 2021

A picture showing a hiker walking down a trail with flowers on each side, mountains in the background and forested areas on each side.
Since the USDA Forest Service launched its Internet presence over 25 years ago nearly a thousand feature stories have been written and posted, highlighting the important work we do with our partners across the country. These articles highlight just some of the notable stories over the last year, the breadth of the work we do, and the contribution it makes to forest health, communities, and the…
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Change your resolution, and you can likely change your view

A picture of a hiking trail along top of a grassy mountain top area.
Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions sometimes lead us to failure. The obligatory lose weight, travel, or get a new job sometimes doesn’t pan out the way we had hoped. So, let’s rethink resolutions. Let’s resolve not to resolve and instead look for great opportunities that will make 2022 a year of idea, experiences, and memories. Our ideas, of course, focus on the great outdoors, particularly…
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