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Planting seeds of prevention

Two employees stand in front of tall industrial shelves stacked high with large white bags of seed.
A custom seed mix created to reseed a fuel break on the Pine Valley Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest. (USDA Forest Service photo by Lindsey Winkel) In a large climate-controlled warehouse in central Utah, hundreds of thousands of pounds of seed in white feed bags are stacked to…
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, watershed, utah, seeds

Let’s climb a tree

Selfie photo of Forest Service tree climbing trainee Savannah Halleaux connected to a climbing rope up in a tree
Forest Service tree climbing trainees Steve Sawyer (left) and Brandon Kelley (right) practice tying a bowline knot to prepare for climbing at a Forest Service Tree Climbing Workshop. They will use this knowledge to successfully climb trees and earn certification as a Forest Service tree…
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Seeds sent into space by NASA, Forest Service return to Earth, create new generation of “Moon Trees”

NASA's Orion Spacecraft sitting on a mobile launcher in November 2022 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Kayla Herriman pauses from x-raying seeds to pose for a picture. (Photo courtesy Malcolm Howard). Kayla Herriman is x-raying tree seeds that recently traveled 40,000 miles beyond the far side of the moon. The seeds completed their epic journey on NASA’s Orion spacecraft as part of the NASA’s Artemis…
moon trees, Space Exploration, Botany, seeds, seedlings, outer space, Artemis, trees, nasa

Looking to the future and learning from the past in our National Forests

A column of smoke rising from a large forest fire.
A massive column of smoke rises from a forest fire. Today’s rapidly changing conditions present challenges for forest managers when determining what plant species to replant after a disturbance like a wildland fire. (USDA Forest Service photo) Forests are changing in ways they’ve never…
forests, Forest Fire, seeds