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Forest Products Week 2021

For National Forest Products Week, Oct. 17-23, 2021, we recognize the value of our forests and the vital role they play in our daily lives. Americans depend on their forests for so much—clean air and water, habitat for native fish and wildlife, wood for lumber and other products, opportunities for outdoor recreation, and more. Indeed, forests are the backbone of our environment and critical to our economic success. Join us this week as we celebrate our forests and recognize the importance of their sustainable use.


Wood innovations

A picture of a wood-framed building structure.

We help expands and create markets for wood products and wood energy.

Wood innovations grants

A picture showing a mostly wood constructed ceiling at the University of Idaho basketball arena.

Wood Innovations and Community Wood Grants program announces awards totaling $13 million.


Timber dashboard

A picture of a large stack of logs

An online dashboard provides listing of all agency timber sales open for bid.


The Greener World of Tomorrow

A picture of a green leaf with a small sheet of plastic over it that has a small microchip inside of it.

Built with Revolutionary Wood Products.


Forests Products Features

Mass Timber Momentum Expands Forest Products Markets

The Coming Age of Wood

The wood product and carbon connection

Better Adhesives Mean Stronger, Cheaper Wood Products

The Wonders of Wood Buildings

Brown furniture is the new green

Additional Resources

Wood Innovation Contacts