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Before visiting the forest please check our alerts and notices page. Forest closure orders, alerts, and notifications prepares you for a pleasurable outdoor experience with no surprises! 


General Information


Forest Wide Alerts
Implementation of some recreation site fee changes on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest will begin December 1, 2023.  Fee changes will be phased in over a three-year period. The changes are essential to address increasing costs in the Forest’s commitment to provide quality recreation opportunities for millions of visitors each year.  Recreation Fee Changes by Ranger District starting December 1, 2023 Table

Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts

  • Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest fire personnel plan to implement the Whitney Bear River prescribed burn project any time from October 10, 2023, through the next few months, weather permitting. This prescribed burn project is broken into two burn units, the Whitney unit 500 acres and slash piles in the Bear River unit (North Slope Road). Objectives are to stimulate aspen regeneration to improve wildlife habitat and reduce hazardous fuels to reduce the risk of wildfires impacting local communities and infrastructures.

News Release and Maps

  • Fire crews will also be implementing the Burnt Beaver prescribed burn and burning slash piles in the Burnt Beaver Restoration Project area north of Hoop Lake through the next few months.

Heber-Kamas Ranger District

  • Forest Service personnel plan to implement prescribed fire projects within a 3300-acre area in Summit and Wasatch Counties beginning August 21, pending favorable burning conditions. The operational areas are located 10 miles east of Kamas and 20 miles southeast of Heber City. The operation will require temporary area and road closures for public and firefighter safety. The areas to be treated with prescribed fire are part of the Wasatch Wildfire Crisis Landscape Project. Map of Upper Provo Prescribed Fire Project  Map of Racetrack Prescribed Fire Project  Map of West Fork Duchesne Prescribed Fire Project
  • Fire personnel will continue to burn slash piles in the Iron Mine, Spring Canyon, Lost Lake, Alexander Lake, Lambert Meadows, Hoyts Peak and Murdock Basin areas the next few weeks.

Logan Ranger District

  • Fire personnel from the Ogden and Logan Ranger Districts plan to burn slash piles on the Red Ryder project through the next few months. The Red Ryder project is located within portions of Rich and Cache Counties, and is approximately 45 miles east of Logan, Utah.
  • Smithfield Canyon Road (Forest Service Road #049) is closed at the Forest boundary to the Smithfield Trailhead approximately 4.62 miles. Purpose of the closure is for public health and safety due to high water flows that have damaged the road and while heavy equipment and construction crews are repairing damage caused by high water flows.

Ogden Ranger District

  • Pineview West trail (Forest Service trail #612) is closed from the North Arm trailhead south along the trail to the end of the boardwalk, approximately ¼ mile. Purpose of the closure is for public health and safety due to flooding which has destroyed a bridge on the Pineview West Trail (Forest Service trail #612) and while crews and heavy equipment are onsite making repairs.

Pleasant Grove Ranger District

  • Fire personnel plan to burn slash piles in and around Timpooneke campground beginning October 29th. Overgrowth of vegetation has created a potential threat for high-severity wildland fire in the area.  To reduce potential for this serious threat, firefighters removed dead vegetation and stacked in small piles that are burned when conditions are favorable for complete consumption. This type of prescribed fire is suitable for fall burning, due to seasonal closures of recreation sites and roads. Timpooneke campground, adjacent to the Alpine Scenic Loop, is a popular destination for thousands of campers annually. The site contains vital buildings, facilities, and water system infrastructure to service the campground. This recreation area is also a gateway to the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness. Smoke will be visible in the area and contacts with adjacent landowners and municipalities will be completed before project implementation. Map One Map Two

Salt Lake Ranger District

  • Salt Lake Ranger Distict fire crews are planning to burn slash piles in the Tanners Flat campground, in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wednesday Nov. 15th. The slash piles are from avalanche debris in 2022-2023.

News Release

Spanish Fork Ranger District

Currently there are no alerts or notices

Regional Forest Orders

Map showing the Forest Wide Camping Stay Limit

Learn more about the Weed Free Hay Order, Explosives and Exploding Targets and Fireworks and Spark Arrestors.


Ashley and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Forest Orders for High Uinta Wilderness

Order Number: 04-19-107 High Uintas Wilderness Occupancy and Use Order

Order Number: 04-19-146 High Uintas Wilderness Campfire Restrictions

Forestwide Orders

Order Number: 04-19-22-531 Pallet Order and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect through July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-532 Nudity Order and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 through July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-533 Camping Stay Limit and Map
This order is in effect July 27, 2022 and shall remain in effect through July 27, 2025

Order Number: 04-19-22-534 Aquatic Invasive Species and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect through July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-535 Prohibited Targets and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect through July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-536 Forest Wide General Order and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect until July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-537 Alcohol and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect until July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-22-538 Vehicles, Roads, And Trails and Map
This order is in effect July 22, 2022 and shall remain in effect through July 22, 2032

Order Number: 04-19-434 Controlled Substance Order and Map
This Order is in effect starting February 12, 2020 until February 12, 2030 

Special Orders and Closures by Ranger District

Evanston/Mountain View Ranger District

04-19-456 Temporary Poison Mountain Road Closure and map

Heber/Kamas Ranger District

04-19-23-607 West Fork Duchesne Fire Project Closure and map
04-19-23-606 Racetrack Prescribed Fire Project Closure and map
04-19-23-605 Upper Provo Prescribed Fire Project Closure and map
04-19-527 Temporary Road Little Dip Salvage Timber Sale Closure and map
04-19-519 Temporary Duschene Ridge Road Closure and Map
04-19-518 Temporary Chicken Creek Area and Road Closure and Map
04-19-501 Crystal Lake Trailhead Closure and Map
04-19-426 Upper Provo prescribed fire area, Roads and Trails Closure and map
04-19-401 Temporary Area and Road Baja Lobo Salvage Timber Sale Closure and map
04-19-400 Temporary Area and Road Far West Salvage Timber Sale Closure and map
04-19-355 Little South Fork Trail Closure and map
04-19-315 Box Canyon Fire area closure and map
04-19-22 Slate Creek Order and map

04-19-449 - Sheep Creek Strawberry Construction Project (Heber/Spanish Fork) and map
04-19-47 Left Hand Fork of Beaver Creek Order and map
04-19-50 Mirror Lake Highway Camping & Vehicle Order and map
04-19-100 Mirror Lake Fee Demo Area Order and map
04-19-108 Beaver Creek Ski Trail/Dog Restrictions Order and map
04-19-116 Smei-Primitive/Non-motorized/Recreation Areas Order and map
04-19-156 Lake Speed Order and map

Logan Ranger District

04-19-23-616 Second Dam Area Closure and map
04-19-848 Gus Lind Area Closure and map
04-19-450 Left Hand Fork Camping Restrictions and 1st Map and map
04-19-446 Temporary Riverside Nature Trail Closure and map
04-19-33 White Pine Area Firearms and Bicycle Restriction and map
04-19-65 Franklin Basin Road Closure and map
04-19-82 Green/Logan Canyon Fire and Firearms Restriction and map
04-19-83 Green Canyon Fire and Firearms Restriction and map
04-19-70 Logan Bat Cave Closure and map
04-19-94 Green, Card & Smithfield Road Closures and map
04-19-158 Tony Grove Lake Restrictions and map

Ogden Ranger District

Fire Restrictions in Weber County and map
Jefferson Hunt Campground Decommissioning Closure and map
Wheeler Creek Trail Closure and map
Temporary Road#26015(Flat Canyon) Closure and map
Causey Reservoir Restrictions and map
Pineview Reservoir Restrictions and map
Pineview West Trail Flooding Closure and map
North Ogden Fire Arms Restriction and map
Indian Trail Fire Restriction and map
Weber County Front Range Fire Restriction and map
Snowbasin Area Restrictions and map
South Fork Area Restrictions and map
Perry Reservoir Area and Road Restriction and map
Public Grove Hollow Road Restriction/closure and map
Lariett Area Restrictions and map

Pleasant Grove Ranger District

04-19-517 Temporary Road and Parking Lot Closure and map
04-19-342 Campfire Restrictions around Tibble Fork Reservoir Area and map
04-19-341 Tibble Fork Reservoir Area/Tibble Fork Trail Closure and map
04-19-340 Tibble Fork Reservoir Spillway/Area Closure and map
04-19-339 Silver Lake Flat Spillway/Area Closure and map
04-19-165 Seasonal Trail Closures
04-19-241 Prohibiting Alcoholic Beverages in Upper Falls Park, Provo Canyon

Salt Lake Ranger District 

04-19-23-615 Evergreen Picnic Site/Day Use Area Closure and map
04-19-23-613 Great Western Trail-Big Water Trail, Mount Aire Trail Closure and map
04-19-23-614 Doughnut Falls Connector to Jordan Pines Connector Trail Closure and Map
04-12-23-597 Tanners Flat Campground Closure and map
04-19-23-561 South Willow Canyon Road Closure and map
04-19-23-557 Temporary Farmington and Ward Canyon Road Closures and map

04-19-512 Albion Temporary Area, Trail and Road closure and map 

  • You can visit Alta.com to see when the closures are in place. Alta will post the info on their website the day before they close the area, trail and road.

04-19-509 Mill Creek Canyon Leash Law Closure and map
04-19-452 Farmington and Ward Canyon road fire restrictions and map
04-19-447 Silver Lake and Albion Basin Area Closure and Silver Lake map, Albion Basin map
04-19-295 Weber Basin Job Corp Area Closure and map 
04-19-358 Sunset Campground Closure in Davis County and map
04-19-109 Davis County Fire Restrictions
04-19-91 Farmington Canyon Winter Camping
04-19-90 Shooting in the Foothills between Ward and Farmington Canyon Roads
04-19-85 Swimming/Camping/Animal in Watersheds
04-19-84 Mill Creek Canyon Winter Trail/Dog Restrictions
04-19-80 Red Butte Canyon/Natural Research Area Trespass
04-19-61 Bicycle Use in Upper Mill Creek Drainage
04-19-58 Developed Recreation Sites
04-19-52 Silver Lake Board Walk
04-19-44 Camping and Fire Restrictions in Ferguson Canyon
04-19-41 Cardiff Fork Vehicles
04-19-36 Cardiff Fork Snowplay
04-19-35 Sessions Mountain Road
04-19-32 Mt Olympus, Twin Peaks, Lone Peak and Deseret Peak Wilderness
04-19-27 Winter Developed Group Site Camping
04-19-26 Camping/Fire Restrictions Mill Creek, Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons

Spanish Fork Ranger District

04-19-23-616 Lower Santaquin Road Closure and map
04-19-444 Temporary Nebo Area, Roads and Trails Closure and map
04-19-449 Sheep Creek Road and Strawberry Road Closures and map
04-19-497 Temporary Beaver Dam Trail Closure and map
04-19-441 Lower Santaquin Canyon Road Closure and map.
04-19-421 Temporary Blackhawk campground area closure and map
04-19-420 Temporary Blackhawk campground area and trail closure and map
04-19-410 Temporary Bennie Creek Road and Deer Hollow Trail Closure and map
04-19-408 Temporary White Pine and Calkens Hollow trail closures and map
04-19-389 Temporary Santaquin Canyon Road Closure and map
04-19-365 Spanish Fork Tie Fork Temporary Road and Trail Closure and map