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Forest Closures, Orders & Regulations by area

Forest orders describe prohibitions, closures, and regulations across the forest.


Forest Road Status

Forest Service vehicle in the snowThe U.S. Forest Service closes roads seasonally for many reasons including wildlife protection, snow drifts and ice or to protect the road bed.

Check current road closures and status.


Recreation conditions

view of lake from pine beach picnic areaCheck our recreation page for reports and trip planning. Call your nearest ranger district office for current information. Check our maps page for online and printed materials.

(Review project implementation status & updates by district.)


Fire Information

Firefighter on a mountain peakFor the latest information about local prescribed fires, closures or wildfires see alerts and notices below.

  Go to our fire page for information on management, fire supporession teams, fire hire and more.



Engelmann spruce forest.The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to adequately prepare for your trip. Knowledge of the area, weather and limitations of your body can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. View safety information.

Most areas of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests are currently affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle outbreak, in addition to the other safety pointers, please also follow the 10 tips for planning a safe trip in Bark Beetle areas and recreation around hazardous trees.


  • Guanella Pass - New camping restrictions
  • Watch out for falling trees!


  • Devils Nose Shooting Range

Closures by Ranger District

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